Zoom OPTIONAL Materials Kit for the Knotting & Braiding Masterclass

OPTIONAL Materials Kit for the Knotting & Braiding Masterclass


ONLY purchase this kit if you have signed up to attend the Knotting & Braiding Masterclass on July the 2nd and don't wish to source your own materials.

From the date of your order, this kit takes 2-3 days before shipping. Please order latest by mid-June for you to receive this kit in time.

This is a basic kit to cover all the practices and exercises we'll do, including elements for the final completed piece. This is a practical set of materials with limited colour/crystal choices. But you may like to opt for this if you don't have time to source your own but want to do all the practices on the day, and you're okay to save your own artistic exploration until after the workshop. Of course, you may want to purchase this kit as a base, and supplement it with your own choice of crystals, cords and ribbons.

List of materials and basic tools in this kit:

- 5 colours of micro-macrame cord ( 5 x 5metres, approx. 25 metres in total)
*colour choices: dark blue, blue, grey, burgundy, brown, cream, pink, green (please email me specifying your choice)

- Selection of fabric/silk ribbons and cotton/linen threads
*10 x 1 metre
*2 x 5 metres

- Small glass seed beads in various colours for practising
*approx. 50 beads

- Drilled crystals/beads in various sizes to include in the knotwork
*approx. 6 round beads for knotting practice
*a selection of small round, nugget and chip beads, approx. 20 crystals

- Metal clip (solid, approx. 7 cm / 3" wide clipping edge length)
- Piece of cork fabric
- Tapestry needle (eye to accommodate your cord size)
- Cotton wool

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED in the kit due to shipping weight and restrictions. But please bring these along with you to the class:

- Cigarette lighter, electronic style is best
- Small plate or shallow bowl that can hold a bit of water
- Scissors
- Belt or long scarf (normal clothing type, any material)

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