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Elestial Queen, through and through, there aren't enough superlatives to describe the inner shine of this one. Like a crystallised wing feather, this glorious elestial Amethyst will take your breath away. In the third photo, you can see there's a specific natural indentation on this crystal that you can place your thumb on - that spot is marked by natural white coating of Microcline on the crystal's surface. 
At the same time majestic and humble, this beauty has some very personal inner work to complete with you.

Approx. size:
11.5 cm (4.5") long
3.5 cm (1.4") at its widest
2.5 cm (1") at its thickest
weight: 98 g (3.5 oz)

You'll receive this crystal treasure in a natural linen drawstring pouch and securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


ELESTIAL QUARTZ (also known as Jacare Quartz, Skeletal Quartz)
Elestial crystals carry deep spiritual healing energy. They have a majestic vibe to them. They link multiple dimensions, timelines and levels of consciousness, integrating increasingly higher vibrations of light into its keeper's energetics. When an Elestial comes to your life, you're ready to fully delve into the depths and the heights of your own inner wisdom, which accelerates your spiritual progress. Attuned to the angelic domain, elestials make great crystal companions that will no doubt journey with you for long-term.

Instils inner peace, promotes self-discovery and aids in relaxation. Associated with the crown chakra, known as a "stone of balance" and positive transformation. Thought to increase spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, initiating higher knowing and greater understanding. Helps in assimilating new ideas and manifesting thoughts into action. Symbolises a connection to the Divine. A well-known support stone for those wanting to break old patterns to create a new, harmonious life.