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One of a kind, contemporary 108 bead meditation mala with three different types of crystals as counter beads: Rose Quartz, Howlite and Mother of Pearl. The three dividers are a combination of small Rose Quartz and Peace Jade crystals. The Peace Jade guru bead leads to a long tassel of soft cotton.

The counter beads are knotted individually for added strength and handling flow, using pale purple micro-macrame cord.

All-around length of mala: 112 cm (44")
Diameter of counter beads: 0.8 cm (0.3”)
Width of divider bead combination: 2 cm (0.8”)
Total length of guru (stone & tassel): 13 cm (5")

Please note that Spirit Carrier malas come usually in three sizes, determined by the diameter of the main counter beads - either 8 mm, 10 mm or 12 mm. This mala is the small size with 8 mm counter bead diameter.

This mala comes in Spirit Carrier's fabric drawstring pouch (satin-lined) and gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

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Pure, intensely peaceful vibe which can be easily felt when just holding this stone. Releases internalised stress, allowing you feel serene and in alignment with your core self. Calming when feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Guides you to take that “deep breath” of release to let go of tension and worry. Compassionate heart chakra stone that fills you with divine tranquility.

Belongs to the "attunement" stones, linking its keeper to higher spiritual consciousness. Enhances self-awareness by providing insight into one's own actions and behaviour. Boosts creativity. Encourages you to look inside yourself for answers and is a generally calming and balancing stone. Helps in eliminating rage, anger and frustration, to assist with emotional expression. Opens the Third Eye to connect to wider awareness and spiritual insights.

Powerful love stone, love that is all-encompassing and unconditional. Awakens one’s heart to its own innate love, compassion and acceptance. Vibrates its loving energy to all chakras, offering gentle healing. Soothing and calming. Dissolves anger and resentment. Good for raising one's self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Balances emotions and is said to support all types of healing. Guides one’s life path towards a sense of personal fulfilment and contentment.

Associated with peace, beauty, compassion and love. Instills feelings of harmony and balance. Stimulates intuition and encourages the use of imagination. Said to be a perfect gift for those who have been tossed and turned by life, to be a reminder that one's inner beauty will always shine through.