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Partly polished Ghost Quartz, showing the intricate landscape within, consisting of various inclusions in dark red, dark green and grey. This crystal also displays an inner rainbow. Smooth to hold, with a lovely organically flowing shape.
The length of this Ghost Quartz is just over 5.5 cm (2.2”) and its width is just under 3.5 cm (1.4")

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


Enhances one's sensitivity to invisible energies and activates one’s own inner healing capabilities. Instils inner harmony and energetic alignment. Helps in manifesting one's desires, offering guidance on the process of life and inner growth. Assists in seeing how the past is part of one's meaningful spiritual path. Provides inspiration to reach your goals. Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness.