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Charming inclusion Quartz tapering to a tabular formation on one of its ends. Within there are various mineral inclusions, green Chlorite showing most prominently in the tabular end. Gentle healing tool for someone who loves unusual looking Quartz crystals.

Longest measurement: 13 cm (5")
just over 2.5 cm (1") at its widest

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge


Known as 'Quartz of Compassion', this is a purifier crystal. Chlorite is cleansing to the aura, chakras, and energy meridians. Elevates one's vibration higher than that of illness. Can help one visualise and create a more positive future, financially, emotionally, physically. Helps to resolve issues of the heart and remove blockages and resistance so one may acknowledge, forgive, release, and move forward. Great in space clearing, to ward off chaotic, negative energy.

TABULAR QUARTZ (aka Tabby Quartz)
Great communication aid, dispelling confusion and misunderstandings. Facilitates clear exchanges and understanding between people. Playful crystals that like to harmonise situations with increasing joy. Facilitates clear inner knowing and sudden answers.