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This magical chap is an art doll, originally created two decades ago for an artist book called "Merlin's Lost Spells" ~ but rather interestingly, the book was lost, maybe as meant to be. Thus, Merlin himself has since been guarding crystals in the Spirit Carrier studio. I'm now giving him the chance to carry on for new adventures, in case he so chooses...

Merlin is bringing a few of crystals along as his travel companions: a raw Quartz cluster with a Black Tourmaline inclusion, a raw Pyromorphite and a raw Lepidolite, all in a leather drawstring pouch with bead detailing that matches his outfit. Merlin is approx. 33cm (13") tall, has a black cape that includes some decorative stitching. His head, hands and feet are roughly fashioned from air-drying clay and painted with dark grey ink. His sleeves are brown suede and his trousers the same black fabric as the cape, with some free-hand embossed detailing. His wide belt and collar are ink-painted cotton and the collar has a small patinated metal button at the front and back. Merlin, being an old wizard, needs a little support when sitting and may need his feet and hands positioned to support him, but otherwise he is in good health, and quite a charmer!

Merlin and his crystal companions in the leather pouch arrive securely padded to protect them on their postal journey, as well as gift-wrapped at no extra charge.