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Here’s a special crystal companion for the discerning collector: tantric twin formation covered in elestial texture, tactile with a subtle pale lilac hue so characteristic to Lithium Quartz. There’s a gentle, warm energy to this one, the whole crystal exudes acceptance - just sit still, holding this crystal and be open to its frequency. Such a beauty!

The length of this Lithium Elestial is 10 cm (4”) and at its widest 4 cm (1.6")

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


ELESTIAL QUARTZ (also known as Jacare Quartz, Skeletal Quartz)
Elestial crystals carry deep spiritual healing energy. They have a majestic vibe to them. They link multiple dimensions, timelines and levels of consciousness, integrating increasingly higher vibrations of light into its keeper's energetics. When an Elestial comes to your life, you're ready to fully delve into the depths and the heights of your own inner wisdom, which accelerates your spiritual progress. Attuned to the angelic domain, elestials make great crystal companions that will no doubt journey with you for long-term.

Powerful healing stone when feeling down or emotionally shaken. Eases stress and brings emotional peace. Calming and balancing, gentle support for releasing anger and grief. Uplifting, soothing and stabilising. Helps in eliminating feelings of anxiety, worry and fear. Opens up the pathway to one's higher heart centre and activates the third eye, raising spiritual awareness. A great 'first aid' crystal when the world throws you out of balance.

TANTRIC TWIN (also 'Twin Soul' Quartz)
Tantric twin crystals are highly personal, tuning into their keeper's energy. They allow one to see beyond the limitations of time and space. They work in harmonising human relationships on all levels, deepening the bond between those who are already close. Embodying the energetic twin essence, these crystals are also said to help in allowing one to find one's soul mate.