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Tribal style wearable Wisdom Keeper necklace pouch in monochrome tone - a contemporary take on the native shaman 'medicine bags'. The black leather's surface texture is slightly antiqued, 'fashionably worn' although brand new. The inside of the pouch is not lined but left as natural suede. This pouch would be suitable for carrying a small crystal or two, or a folded piece of paper with written affirmations, or any small talismanic items. The closing toggle button is Hawk Eye. The decorative detailing consists of Magnesite, white Chrysoprase and Hawk Eye crystals. The necklace braid is a combination of ethical peace silk yarn, black embroidery silk and muted blue micro-macrame cord.

The outer measurements of the pouch are: approx. 6 cm (2.4") tall, 4 cm (1.6") wide, 1 cm (0.4") thick. The necklace braid is set length with an all around measurement of 77 cm (30").

You'll receive this one-of-a-kind Wisdom Keeper necklace pouch gift-wrapped for no extra charge.