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Unusual collection of crystals, a perfect gift for a crystal lover who may already have all the most well-known crystals but looking to add some new treasures. These ten crystals comfortably fit into the circular wooden box, and can be arranged into various crystal grids or worked with individually.

The crystals included are: Black Tourmaline included Smokey Quartz (the largest of the ten), Agatised wood, Merlinite, Stilbite, Apache Tear, Moroccan desert river sandstone, Amber (with a charming, natural heart marking), curved Smokey Quartz point, Sichuan double-terminated black Quartz and Blue John (rare form of Fluorite, only available from one location in the world: Derbyshire, England)

The box size: 6.5 cm (2.6") high, 12cm (4.7") outer diameter, 10 cm (3.9") inner diameter 

You'll receive this Wisdom Keeper gift-wrapped at no extra charge.