Insight journeys through metaphorical mindscapes

Exploring your own inner metaphors can bring you new insights about your life, and reveal a new path through any difficulties you might experience. While your conscious mind can only focus on so many things at any one time, below your conscious awareness all your experiences, memories, beliefs, fears, limitations, capabilities and potentials still keep on existing and taking part in your life. Whether beneficial or not, what is stored in your subconscious mind will affect the choices you make, the actions you take and the way you feel just about anything. Balancing and integrating these various elements will affect favourably the entire direction of your life. 

The capacity of your subconscious mind is amazing.
Think of it as your Unlimited Self, your very own personal akashic record. Most likely, you have been on a journey of self-development for quite some time now. You have had some wins and some set backs, you have progressed and perhaps reached what you set out to achieve. But the path of life opening ahead of you has still so much more in store for you, adventures to experience, treasures to find, connections to form. Whatever your purpose is, your path will be so much more enjoyable and effortless the more fully you allow the Creative Awareness flow through you.

 Whilst the subconscious mind is the vault of all that you have ever experienced, it is also the portal to all the solutions you could ever wish for, and thus, the guardian of your well-being. Within you, in the realm of your subconscious mind dwell all those elements that either allow or hinder your intuitive wisdom. When the flow of those subtle impulses that come to you first as vague sensations, symbolic imagery and fleeting moments of knowing become stronger in your awareness, you can learn to pay attention to them and act on them which leads to a sense of balance, clarity and ease in your life.

The structure of these Insight Journeys is geared towards exploring your own inner space through symbolic means, harnessing the super power of your imagination. Your imagination is the most extraordinary tool you could ever wield, capable of effecting incredible change. The targeted, intentional use of your imagination can literally change the neural pathways in your brain. Pathways that have been engrained deep through erroneous, unaware thought patterns, pathways that are involved in everything that is holding you back. Through specifically structured visualisation journeys, exercises that engage the resources of your subconscious mind and a heart-centred energy flow, you will find a way to easily and enjoyably let go of what no longer benefits you and your desired outcomes. You will notice how your trust in the wisdom that flows from the core of your authentic self steps up to support you in everything you do.

Would you like to find out what these sessions can give you?
Exploring and developing your own metaphors is enjoyable and effective! 
It is another way to create a sense of freedom in your life, to be at ease. A tool to help you reveal your potential.
To remember what you didn’t even know you had forgotten. Through the power of your imagination you will find a lightness of being and manifest your life faster in a way that is fully your own.


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In 1990 when I was still living in Finland, I came across a book about manifesting. It was a Finnish translation of a Swedish origin text, published years before “The Secret”. Intrigued, I threw myself into completing an exercise from the book - it worked literally within an hour. Perhaps beginner’s luck, but I was startled to my core! Since then I have used the same process to manifest a myriad of miraculous solutions in the most heartfelt of matters.

That book began my journey of self development, and I soon trained and began to work with a group that offered aura readings and chakra healings to those who sought them. Devouring books and courses in holistic therapies as well as certifying in a few, it was still in the artful, imaginative creating that I truly found my calling. Grounding ethereal visions into tangible physical form. Working in the flow of Creative Awareness for years and mastering its various elements has taught me more than any meditation I’ve ever experienced. The process of allowing the flow with certain necessary guiding principles in order to create the final outcome turns out to be mirroring all that I’ve found out about manifesting results in everything else in life, too. And I’m particularly grounded in the way I nowadays deal with “all things energy”. It is important to discern for yourself, see for yourself, and authenticate your own experience. It is useful to be vigilant of the stories you tell yourself, because the stories you live with every day, they will create your life.

Through these 1-to-1 sessions, my intention is to guide you to explore your own imagination from a different perspective, in a way that you perhaps haven’t encountered before. Or you may simply want to experience a different kind of approach, a new tool, on your path of manifesting your best life. Your imagination has the power to change your less beneficial stories to truly empowering ones. These sessions are not “me doing energy healing on you”. You hold the reigns for the change you want to effect for yourself, your own inner guidance is paramount in the results you get - both from these sessions and from life. And the thing is, there is SO MUCH inner guidance within you, that you haven’t even accessed yet! My task is to hold space for you, dynamic loving space where I act as a guide, gently pointing you towards those resources within you that have been waiting for you all along.

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
~Benjamin Disraeli