Mining for your inner resources
Finding your abundance of solutions

You have the skill and capabilities to sort out your own life, and you’ve achieved so much already. But every once in a while, it’s nice to go and relax in a spa and wind down. These sessions are like a jacuzzi for your mind and energy regarding any issues you’re currently dealing with. Imagine an enjoyable “life massage” using the amazing power of your imagination, after which your inner flow is once again restored and ready for your next step.

I will be holding space for you while guiding you through symbolic imagery that connects to the deeper levels of your being and invigorates your inner wisdom to creating the most beneficial changes for you. Whether you would like to release anxiety, gain peace of mind or explore any personal issue, I’ll guide you intuitively with gentle, enjoyable methods to an ever increasing connection with yourself. In a world where you always need to sort out everything yourself, for the duration of our session you can snuggle comfortably in your favourite seat and be safely taken care of by me for a change.

The structure of these Insight Sessions is geared towards exploring your own inner space and creating change through visualisation sequences and metaphors, based on how our brain codes memories and past experiences. These are not free-flowing meditations or shamanic journeys that you’d do on your own, but specifically targeted and structured to intentionally use your imagination which literally can create change in the brain’s neural pathways. Your imagination is the most extraordinary tool you could ever wield, capable of effecting incredible change and engage the resources that reside on your deeper levels. Experiencing transformation does not need to be a longwinded process. With these exercises I’ll guide you with heart-centred energy flow to easily release what no longer benefits you and achieve greater balance and peace of mind. As a result, your trust in the wisdom that flows from the core of your authentic self increases and life becomes even more enjoyable and purposeful.

Insight Sessions at Spirit Carrier are another way to create a sense of freedom in your life, to effortlessly access a sense of ease and enjoyably live your purpose. A way to help you manifest your full potential. To remember what you didn’t even know you had forgotten.


♡ If you have any questions, just send me a message ♡

When I delved into working with crystals more fully a decade ago, I gave up all the workshops I was teaching as well as any one-on-one sessions with people. The year 2020 brought me back a full circle in a way, and whilst the world is distancing, I’m called to return to make connections in person once again - even if through the computer screen.

In the early 90s while still living in Finland, I got into past life regression and intuitive energy work doing aura and chakra readings. But because I still always wanted to know the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of everything, I was never properly satisfied with not being able to pinpoint reasons why something worked. It seemed there weren’t enough explanations. Interestingly, I was able to experience the most tangible results of personal transformation through working with my hands in the flow of creative awareness - learning about the art of manifestating my wishes by making something out of nothing with my hands, shaping physical materials. Mastering the various elements of creative flow has taught me more than any meditation or healing modality ever did. Nowadays I’m particularly grounded in the way I deal with whatever I come across: it is important to discern for yourself, see for yourself, and authenticate your own experience.

Being led by my own inner navigational guidance to find out what works and what doesn’t, I am now most intrigued by the inner workings of our individual experience and how to affect change in the most streamlined and empowering ways possible. I’m fascinated by the malleability of our mindset and thinking processes, and how our life experience can be altered through specific applications of neuroplasticity and embodied simulation among other things. Whilst my focus and my heart have up to recently been consumed mostly by the art and energy of crystals, it is the work with crystals that is now pushing me to expand and explore the wider range of my interests. Therefore, as a certified hypnotherapist and a meditation teacher, I have decided to offer my wider ‘tool box’ in the service of those who come my way. I trust that those whom I’m meant to help, will find me. You can always email me to make a connection and find out if we’d have the right kind of rapport that would make you feel safe to trust your story in my care.   

These sessions are cooperative and in a way, interactive too, as you hold the reigns for the change you want to experience. Your own willingness to participate in creating your desired results is where your empowerment lies. And there is SO MUCH inner guidance within you, that you haven’t even accessed yet! My task is to hold space for you, dynamic loving space where I act as a guide, gently pointing you towards those resources within you that have been waiting for you all along.

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
~Benjamin Disraeli