Zoom Inner Peace & Wellness ~ 1 hour 30 mins personal Zoom session

Inner Peace & Wellness ~ 1 hour 30 mins personal Zoom session

Depending on your specific wishes for what you want to transform or heal in your life, I’ll guide you with enjoyable and relaxing methods most suitable for your individual situation. I will hold loving space for you while guiding you to connect with your vast inner resources in the most beneficial way for you. 

You are of course welcome to bring your favourite crystal(s) along to the session too, and together we’ll create a comforting crystal anchor to support you after the session.

When we connect via Zoom video call, we’ll have a brief chat about what you would like to have happen in your life as a result of our session. I will then ask you to close your eyes and lead you into a calm meditative state, a heart-centred inner awareness in which I’ll guide you to connect with your higher guidance to find solutions and resources, as well as create results to make you feel wonderful. Once we come to the end, I’ll guide you to integrate all the wonderful transformation within you so you’ll benefit from the energy of our session in the days, weeks and months to come! 

I'm a trained and certified hypnotherapist, so depending on your issue and requirements, I can also offer you clinical hypnosis as a way to reach your desired solution. Please visit my hypnotherapy services website Turret & Rose for more info.


A stable internet connection is needed, preferably via computer or laptop rather than phone. Both video and audio are needed so that I can see and hear you well. You hands need to be free to move (i.e. not holding a phone) and your screen must not be on timer in such a way that it would black out after a certain amount of time when not touched. I also recommend your device to be attached to a charger so that it won’t run out of power in the middle of our session.

Although the session is scheduled for 1hr 30 mins, we can also divide the time into two separate sessions as the work we do together can occasionally be emotionally intense.

After purchasing a session, you will receive an email within 24 hrs to arrange your preferred date and time. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

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