Zoom Two Inner Maps ~ 2 x 30 min session

Two Inner Maps ~ 2 x 30 min session


Choose two of your most important topics to explore to find out what your subconscious mind brings up for you. We’ll work on your inner symbolic map for each topic, making improvements and shifts that will feel just right for you. I will guide you to find your own power to create change and find resources within you. I advice scheduling your two sessions a week apart, to give enough time for any changes resulting from the first session to fully integrate.

You are also welcome to share this session pair with a friend if you like (so you can take advantage of the discount when two sessions are purchased together.) Both sessions will be held separately as this is a 1-to-1 session, so each of you need to book a suitable time for yourself.

These sessions could be likened to ”lucid dreaming while not sleeping” in which you will be able to affect subtle yet potentially profound changes in the landscape of your subconscious mind and then have the benefits take effect and manifest in your life, perhaps in the days, weeks or months to come. You will choose a topic you would like to explore (one per session) and I will facilitate your exploration of that particular part of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will speak to you in various symbols, and by harnessing the power of your imagination, I’ll help you make changes that are just right for you, and we’ll also install beneficial resources for your use regarding your topic. All you need to do during the session is follow my instructions and prompts, which will be easy and enjoyable for you.

When we connect via Zoom video call, I will ask you what topic you would like to work on, but you don’t need to go into it in any detail. If you prefer, we can work completely content free in which case you can use a code word for your topic. I will then ask you to close your eyes and lead you into a calm meditative state, a heart-centered awareness in which I’ll be giving you some instructions, ask you questions and you will answer. These questions pertain only to your inner mindscape, its symbols and anything that comes up. I will not be asking any personal questions, nor will you need to tell me anything that you don’t want to. Once we come to the end, I will facilitate you to ‘install’ all the beneficial changes within and you’ll be feeling wonderful! Then we conclude the session.

All the results and changes are entirely individual, depending on your topic and on your level of commitment to the session. I can assure you that you can always trust your own subconscious mind to present exactly what is needed in your session in the best possible way for you to make the very improvements that are most needed in your life at this time (relating to your topic). In the days after their session people often report feelings of lightness, optimism, renewed hope, clearer knowing of where they’re heading and a deeper sense of trust in their life journey, and of course a sense of support from their own inner guidance.


A stable internet connection is needed, preferably via computer or laptop rather than phone. Both video and audio are needed so that I can see and hear you well. You hands need to be free to move (i.e. not holding a phone) and your screen must not be on timer in such a way that it would black out after a certain amount of time when not touched. I also recommend your device to be attached to a charger so that it won’t run out of power in the middle of our session.

Although the session is scheduled for 30 mins, please allow 40 min of your time for each session as we may run over slightly depending on what comes up about your topic.

After purchasing a session, you will receive an email within 24 hrs to arrange your preferred date and time. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Disclaimer - These sessions are for self-exploration and personal enrichment only. They are not therapy and should not be used as a substitute for therapy.

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