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Rough, raw and natural, this large Anandalite Quartz is a beautiful 'energy lifter' for your living space. Over 10 cm (4") in its longest dimension, you can also rest other smaller crystals on its surface to uplift their vibe.

You'll receive this crystal treasure in a natural linen drawstring pouch and securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey.

Opens the third and crown chakras to tune you in and help bring forth your true authentic self. Connects to divine joy and bliss, stimulating one’s energy filed and activating one’s light body. Also resonate strongly with the heart chakra, leading you to feel a welling up of inner delight. Said to also stimulate kundalini awakening. Excellent stone for those wishing to develop their psychic gifts and clairvoyant abilities further. Aids spiritual growth and stimulates creative inspiration.