Zoom Ancestral Stream ~ 1 hour personal session via Zoom

Ancestral Stream ~ 1 hour personal session via Zoom

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Transformative, insightful session where we work on your chosen theme or topic by going back on the River of Time to meet up with the three most significant of your ancestors whose life and experiences are related to your current topic of choice. I'll guide you on how to work with for whatever surfaces - usually there are certain choice points that you'll help your ancestors to alter and improve, through which you heal your own ancestral timeline as well as may receive pertinent insights. Each session is highly individual, so there is no way for me to guess what will come up for you specifically.

The session is collaborative, I guide you to connect with your own wisdom within and access your individual resources outside of your conscious awareness. Amazing shifts can take place with this process. Often further the insights occur in the days and and weeks following the session.

If you want to chat with me and find out more before booking a session, feel free to email me at any time.


A stable internet connection is needed, preferably via computer or laptop rather than phone. Both video and audio are needed so that I can see and hear you well. You hands need to be free to move (i.e. not holding a phone) and your screen must not be on timer in such a way that it would black out after a certain amount of time when not touched. I also recommend your device to be attached to a charger so that it won’t run out of power in the middle of our session.

The session is scheduled for one hour, but please allow a little longer of your time in case we run over slightly.

After purchasing a session, I will email you within 24 hrs to ask about your preferred date and time. I will also request you to fill in an Intake Form to provide me with what I need to know for our session to be successful. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

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