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A pair of sea-tumbled Flints, earthy in tone and tactile to handle. This set would be perfect as 'dedication stones', to hold energy for something that you either want support with or want to advance such as a goal or a life issue. You dedicate the stones to your chosen purpose through your intention, and can then use them as focus aids, to occasionally play with them, keep them close, and include them in meditation. You'll receive the pair in a brown leather pouch (vegetable-tanned, i.e. chrome-free, high-quality soft reindeer hide from Lapland) with a drawstring closure. The tightening string is adorned with an aged beech bead. 

The diameter of the pouch when empty and closed 9 cm (3.5")
The length of the longer Flint approx. 5 cm (2")

You'll receive this stone pouch gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


FLINT symbolism and metaphysical meaning
Ancient protection amulet, calling in spiritual guides and allies. Helps cut away anything that is not in your highest good, dissolving energetic blockages and detaching negative etheric ties from the aura and chakras. Increases self-esteem and courage. Known as a "Portal Stone", facilitating your connection with higher dimensions and with your true self. Offering spiritual expansion and allowing you to ground higher spiritual knowledge into your physical existence. The energetic effects of various colours and patterns in Flint make it an incredibly useful crystal healing tool and the most fascinating stone to meditate with. Excellent electromagnetic conductor, thus useful for those who are sensitive to EMF pollution. Place near your computer / mobile phone for EMF relief. Purifier for the environment, so place around your living space to cleanse and stabilise energies.