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This pair chose each other for the purpose of clearing away anything that blocks you from your own power and to shield you in chaotic environments so that new awareness can emerge about your personal strength and your life path ahead.

Longest measurement in Tektite: 8 cm (3")
Longest measurement in Black Kyanite: 8.5 cm (3.3")

You'll receive these crystal treasures securely padded and wrapped to protect them on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge.


Excellent tool for releasing and clearing away energy blockages in order to connect you with your own power. Creates a powerful energy link between the higher and lower chakras, keeping you grounded in your own presence and linking you via the heart of the earth into the entire cosmos. Opens channels of communication with other dimensions. Raises one's vibration by strengthening the aura and expanding consciousness through current limitations. May increase the frequency of synchronicities one experiences in life.

Cleanses one’s energy field, aligning subtle bodies into harmony. High vibrational grounding crystal, with strong protective qualities. Good for shielding one’s personal energetic space. Repairs the aura by healing holes and tears. Removes attachments from the auric field. Stimulates intuition, insights and inner visions. Excellent tool for energy workers.