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Soft, luscious brown leather pouch for carrying small items such as crystals safely protected. The pouch is high quality (vegetable tanned, i.e. chrome-free) reindeer leather from Finnish Lapland. It has a drawstring closure with natural tone cotton cord with raw Quartz point crystals adorning the cord ends. This pouch comes with five unique crystals: polished 'seer stone' dome of Shaman Dream Stone Quartz, raw Blue John Fluorite, Shiva Lingam, and two double-terminated Sichuan Quartz crystals (also called 'Tibetan diamonds').

These are specifically selected to provide a combination of vitality and energy, balance and harmony, heightened intuition and raised consciousness. You can use these to handle and play with while travelling, meditate with each in turn, create small travel size crystal grids or add more crystals from your own collection to make larger grids. The leather pouch, while a handy small size, will still be able to carry a further selection of your own additional crystals too. Keep in your handbag and perhaps enjoy swapping your cell phone to handling crystals every so often...

When the pouch is empty and closed, the diameter is approx. 8 cm (3"). To give you an idea of the crystal sizes, the largest one (the 'seer stone' dome) has a length of approx. 5 cm (2"). The Blue John Fluorite's largest measurement is 3.5 cm (1.4"). The Shiva Lingam is just under 3 cm (1.2") long.

You'll receive this 'Wisdom Keeper' pouch with its five crystals gift-wrapped free of charge.


SHAMAN DREAM STONE (aka Lodolite, Garden Quartz)
Associated with the crown chakra, enhances one's sensitivity to invisible energies, helps in manifesting one's desires, brings harmony to one's aura, emanates strong yet gentle healing energies. Harmonises the higher vibrational energies of the aura and the light body. Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness.

Called the 'Enigma Stone', a never ending source and keeper of wisdom, knowledge and solutions. Brings a deep sense of peace and clarity of mind. Useful for those seeking to balance the dualities of the dimension we live in. Encourages its keeper to be their own most trusted teacher. A great aid for sensitives who tend to take in or react to surrounding energies too much. Stone of renewal and vitality. Connects the crown, the third eye and the solar plexus chakras in a balanced way, thus aligning your highest destiny and intuition with your ability to manifest the best possible outcomes. (Rare stone, found only in one locality: Derbyshire, England)

Spiritually attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, activating the crown and the third eye chakras. Aligns all the energy bodies, bringing forth a meditative state, peace and present moment awareness. Expands your consciousness and opens up psychic channels. Releases old, stagnant emotions, cleanses one’s auric field and releases negative thoughts. Emanates a strong “OM” vibration. Can be used to intensify attunements, find out about karmic lessons and to bring deep healing for all levels of being. Double-terminated Sichuan Quartz brings powerful spiritual protection and purification.

Stone of unity, representing the infinite Universe. Helps one to be accepting of one’s place in the dance of life and existence and feel connected to the universal source energy. Intensifies vitality and the flow of life force energy through one’s body. Stimulates health and well-being. Encourages you to see how unique you are, yet still part of the whole.