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Collection of four crystals that have gravitated together to bring you the support of their combined energies. The crystals come in a small double-layered drawstring silk pouch which I've botanically eco-dyed with local plants. Please see the second photo for size reference. The largest stone is the Pyrite which is just over 3 cm (1.2") in its longest dimension.

Taps into your innate abilities, bringing confidence and perseverance to aim for your goals. A shielding stone that helps you see the truth in the motives of others. Increases vitality and enhances your assertive qualities. Helpful in turning melancholy into feeling empowered and more light-hearted. Helps in letting go thoughts of misfortune and worry, thus making it an excellent stone for manifesting abundance. Symbolises the warmth and presence of sun, attracting also abundance of love, friendship and success.

Excellent crystal to aid spiritual growth. Stimulates psychic visions and clairvoyance. Good for healing emotional issues, particularly past life issues of karmic nature. Helps in connecting with one's 'soul energy' in order to gain understanding of one's soul path in this lifetime. Useful crystal tool for those working in the field of energy healing.

Stills the mind and quietens the worries. Assists in connecting with the divine light. Helps in exploring past and future lives in meditation, releasing connections to people and places that aren’t aligned with one’s highest soul purpose. A stone of heart-centerer awareness.

A stone of prosperity wisdom. Attracting financial abundance and wealth into your life by focusing intent into manifesting ideas and goals. Encourages you to explore new directions, take action and hold your vision until you see results. Helps in getting excited about life’s possibilities. A professional support stone that increases discernment and astute judgement. Aids in overcoming the tendency to procrastinate. Stimulates courage and perseverance.