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Collection of three crystals that have gravitated together to bring you the support of their combined energies. The crystals come in a double-layered drawstring fabric pouch, golden sheen on the outside, lilac satin on the inside. The largest crystal is the Hollandite Star Quartz which is just over 2.5 cm (1") in its longest dimension.

Increases the amount of high frequency light in the body. Helps in achieving a better understanding of what you came to do in your life. Stimulates fortunate coincidences and synchronicity in one's life. Protects its keeper's dreams for the future, helping the spirit to find its rightful path to its destiny.

Excellent crystal to aid spiritual growth. Stimulates psychic visions and clairvoyance. Good for healing emotional issues, particularly past life issues of karmic nature. Helps in connecting with one's 'soul energy' in order to gain understanding of one's soul path in this lifetime. Useful crystal tool for those working in the field of energy healing.

A stone of prosperity wisdom. Attracting financial abundance and wealth into your life by focusing intent into manifesting ideas and goals. Encourages you to explore new directions, take action and hold your vision until you see results. Helps in getting excited about life’s possibilities. A professional support stone that increases discernment and astute judgement. Aids in overcoming the tendency to procrastinate. Stimulates courage and perseverance.