Gift Voucher ~ custom-made crystal healing talisman in silk braid

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If you would like to gift a Spirit Carrier raw crystal talisman in silk braid, but not sure which one your recipient might like (or the one you'd prefer was sold earlier), I'm offering this *Gift Voucher* that allows you to have a special one made.

After purchasing this gift voucher, please allow 12 hours within which I will prepare the voucher and email it to you so you can print it and give it to your recipient.

The gift voucher includes and invitation for your gift recipient to email me to discuss her crystal choices and colour preferences. This is important because, although I stock many different raw crystals, the available choices vary from month to month. This is also an opportunity for the gift voucher recipient to discuss any particular crystal energy that she might wish included in her talisman. 

It must be noted that not all crystals are suitable for this type of necklace due to structural considerations. This particular gift voucher is for a *silk braid necklace*, please see the sample photographs in this listing. The photos show the general style of Spirit Carrier silk braid talismans. Each is always a unique individual and identical ones cannot be made again so please refer to these photographs as guidance only.

Once I have completed the consultation (via emails) with your gift voucher recipient, I will let them know when their necklace is ready and they will receive a tracking number for the shipment of their necklace.

If you would prefer to gift a cairn amulet instead, please purchase the gift voucher specific to cairn amulet instead (coming soon!)

- The gift voucher is valid until used (there is no time limit). For example, if I don't have your recipient's preferred crystal in stock, she may wish to wait until I source a suitable one. The more flexibility she has in her crystal choice, the sooner she will be able to use the gift voucher. 
- This gift voucher is not redeemable for cash.
- Shipping cost for the final piece to be sent to the recipient is included in the price of this gift voucher.

Any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.