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I'm in love with Flint pebbles. Collected from the shores of England, they come in the most intriguing shapes and colours, often with patterns and markings that fire the imagination to make up stories of their origins. This particular one could have been the handle for a stone age tool, it fits in the hand perfectly - the indentation on the lower right is the perfect shape for one's thumb. It could have been washed to the shore through centuries in the waves. Here, may it be a symbol of your heart always being held gently and safe, for you to do your soul work in this world.

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Solid ash wood
30cm x 30cm x 3cm
Strung ready for hanging
Museum fine art (280gsm)
Framed in the UK
5-10 days

Please note: Art prints have a longer delivery time compared to other Spirit Carrier items, due to each order being custom made to your specifications. Orders will be dispatched within 10 days, after which normal shipping times apply.