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Iridescent Pyrite sun, naturally formed - there's a golden glow, with some rainbow tone flashes and a beautiful texture on both sides. Would make for a wonderful central stone in crystal grids, useful in crystal healing, or just beautiful as a conversation piece around your living space. The diameter of this Pyrite Sun is approx. 10 cm (4")

Taps into your innate abilities, bringing confidence and perseverance to aim for your goals. A shielding stone that helps you see the truth in the motives of others. Increases vitality and enhances your assertive qualities. Helpful in turning melancholy into feeling empowered and more light-hearted. Helps in letting go thoughts of misfortune and worry, thus making it an excellent stone for manifesting abundance. Symbolises the warmth and presence of sun, attracting also abundance of love, friendship and success.

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