Zoom OPTIONAL ~ Materials Kit for 'Meditation Mala Masterclass' (BROWN wood)

OPTIONAL ~ Materials Kit for 'Meditation Mala Masterclass' (BROWN wood)


Only purchase this kit if you have signed up to attend the Live online class on Sunday October 8th, 2023If you reside outside of the UK and want to purchase this kit, please order as soon as available in early September, for the package to arrive in time.

You are also most welcome to source your own materials if you prefer - I will give you full instructions on what to get and where, just contact me.

This set kit includes DARK BROWN wooden counter beads.

Choose your preferred divider beads from these:
- round, faceted Mica
- round, faceted Fire Agate
- rough cut Black Tourmaline
- rough cut Agate
- round African Turquoise Jasper
- round, polished Amethyst

For your kit, you can also choose your own favourite knotting cord colour. I have most colours available. If you don't state your preferred cord colour, I will include cord to match your chosen divider crystals.

Add your choices in the 'Notes' field in your order, or simply send me a separate email.

Everything you'll receive in this kit: 

- Counter beads x108 in dark brown wood
- Divider crystals x3 (state your choice)
- Small divider accent crystals x12
- Guru bead x1 (to match the dividers)
- Spacer beads x108
- Small crystals for tassel strands x12
- Micro-macrame cord, for counter beads & guru tassel (let me know your colour choice)
- Practice cord, approx. 1 metre
- Practice beads x6
- Metal clip
- Padding fabric for holding mala beads while working
- Pouch cork 
- Tapestry needle
- Cotton cord x2 for pouch making
- Stopper bead for pouch cord
- Cotton wool

In addition, you will need to have these ready on the day of the workshop, as these cannot be sent by post either for safety or weight reasons:

- Cigarette lighter, electronic style is best (alternatively a candle)
- Small plate or shallow bowl that can hold a bit of water
- Scissors

I look forward to meeting you on Zoom on Sunday the 8th October!

Any questions, please send me a message.

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