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Pair of crystal hearts, one Black Moonstone, the other Septarian (with a charming, natural little 'geode'-like dent). These are perfect little travel companions or a thoughtful gift for a crystal lover to keep these lovely vibes close whenever needed. 

Both crystal hearts have a width of just under 3.5 cm (1.4").

You'll receive these hearts in a small embroidered drawstring pouch (pictured) and gift-wrapped for no extra charge.


Connecting to primal feminine energy, this moon goddess stone eases life changes and transitions, keeping one centred and in balance. Full of divine feminine mystique, this is a power stone for visions, intuition, dreams and fertility. Helps you to begin anew, give birth to creative ideas or new life phases. A stone with a special ‘heart beat’ to accompany and support the divine feminine in you whenever needed.

Assists in releasing anything that holds you back in life. Guardian of privacy, keeping you from over-sharing. Harmoniser of emotions. Relieves anxiety and helps put you on ease and focus on self-nurturing. Confidence stone for those who speak or perform in front of an audience. Fosters cooperation and supports problem-solving.