Zoom Peace Jade mala with Agate, Topaz & Nirvana Quartz
Zoom Peace Jade mala with Agate, Topaz & Nirvana Quartz
Zoom Peace Jade mala with Agate, Topaz & Nirvana Quartz
Zoom Peace Jade mala with Agate, Topaz & Nirvana Quartz
Zoom Peace Jade mala with Agate, Topaz & Nirvana Quartz

Peace Jade mala with Agate, Topaz & Nirvana Quartz


One of a kind, contemporary 108 bead meditation mala with Peace Jade counter beads. The three dividers are a combination of Agate and Topaz. The guru bead consists of Topaz, Agate and Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan Ice Quartz). The mala has a serene feel, with a calm colour scheme of pale green and earthy whites. The Agate stones display a tactile desert-tumbled texture that is lovely to handle. The Nirvana Quartz is also a 'hagstone' in that it has a natural hole through which it attaches to the Agate above.

Each counter bead is knotted one by one for durability and ease of handling, using muted dark green micro-macrame cord. 

All around length of mala: 137 cm (54")
Counter bead diameter: 1 cm (0.4")
The width of the divider combination: 3 cm (1.4")
Length of guru bead crystal combination: 7.5 cm (2.95")

This mala comes in one of my handmade soft brown leather pouches for safe-keeping. If you would rather have a fabric pouch, please let me know at the time of purchase.

I draw artistic inspiration for these contemporary yoga meditation beads from the ancient decorative Buddhist malas from Tibet that were often given as gifts to Chinese courts and called "Chinese court necklaces". I match the stones and crystals carefully to create an energetic combination in the mala that will benefit the keeper in an individual way. All of my malas are one-of-a-kind.

Whilst this mala is made with Tibetan Buddhist bead count (108 beads), all Spirit Carrier malas are dedicated to the Highest Good of All – its future keeper may bless the mala for their own purpose and use it for their own personal way of meditation.

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Pure, intensely peaceful vibe which can be easily felt when just holding this stone. Releases internalised stress, allowing you feel serene and in alignment with your core self. Calming when feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Guides you to take that “deep breath” of release to let go of tension and worry. Compassionate heart chakra stone that fills you with divine tranquility.

The oldest good luck amulet. In ancient times Persian magicians were, according to legend, diverting storms with the powers of Agate. Considered a protective stone (especially for travel), said to shield its keeper against dangers. Increases inner stability, enhances personal courage and fosters self-confidence. Grounding and soothing. Balancing stone for one's energy system to experience oneness instead of duality.

Stone of success and good fortune. Aligns and recharges body's meridians. In ancient legends, Topaz was said to make its wearer invisible if needed at times of emergency. Clear Topaz aids in spiritual development and in clarifying one's life purpose. With the strong magnification energy of Topaz, you may reach your heart's goals and desired manifestations faster. Increases energy and vitality. Increases cosmic awareness by activating the crown and the soul star chakras.

NIRVANA QUARTZ (aka Himalayan Ice Quartz)
Helps in making a strong connection with the loving energy of one's heart. "Stone of Enlightenment" that resonates with the higher chakras, accelerating one's spiritual growth. Assists in moving past difficulties and painful experiences, towards experiencing inner radiance and strength with gratitude. Beneficial tool for seekers of truth, with many dimensions to explore through meditation.

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