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Deliciously stunning, polished Limonite Quartz crystal with an amazing inner landscape visible to peer into. You'll love holding this one, it has a good weight to it, smooth to touch and you could enjoy for hours journeying into the depths of this crystal's inner world.

Helps with mindful manifestation to create more comfort in one’s life. Strengthens the character in times of need. Assists in keeping a positive mindset and rid one of detrimental thought forms. Offers support when aiming to move out of a stagnant situation. Facilitates healing of the inner-child.

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey.

Weight: 260 g (9 oz)

height 100 mm (4") 
width 40 mm (1.5") 
depth 35 mm (1.4")