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For the lovers of raw crystals, a beautiful hexagonal Ruby in its natural state, with some subtle record-keeper formations on its surface. Versatile uses in crystal grids and meditation, or simply hold it to feel energised!

just over 4.5 cm (2.2") tall / thick
approx. 5 cm (") wide (depending on the point of measure)

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey.


Increases vitality and one's life-force energy, Very energising, excellent for women. Promotes clear mind, motivation and concentration. Associated with love, passionate commitment and heart-based closeness, offering help in shedding past hurts. Encourages you to 'follow your bliss' and have courageous attitude. Supports closeness and commitment. Shielding crystal to keep your energy field in your own command. (Ruby is one of the four ‘precious’ gemstones, the other three being Emerald, Sapphire & Diamond. Other gemstones are considered ‘semi-precious’.)

RECORD-KEEPER CRYSTALS: Characterised by the appearance of raised or sunken “record-keeper” triangles on the faces of the crystal. Activate dormant intuitive abilities and enhance one's psychic skills. Can be used to access the knowledge and wisdom of ancient civilizations from Akashic Records.