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Soft, luscious black leather pouch for carrying small items such as crystals safely protected. The pouch is high quality reindeer leather from Finnish Lapland. It has a drawstring closure with black cotton cord with wooden cord ends. This pouch comes with a set polished crystal energy hearts, uniquely selected to form this group of five. Specifically geared for purposes of protecting and maintaining your personal space to access your inner strength, emotional harmony and the joy of being alive. Would make a perfect gift for a crystal loving friend or a special meditation set that easily travels with you. 

When the pouch is empty and closed, the diameter is approx. 10 cm (4"). Each of the crystal hearts differs very slightly in shape and size but each fits within a square of 4 cm (1.6") i.e. when measured horizontally and vertically at the widest and longest points, each crystal heart has a width and length of approx. 4 cm (1.6").

You'll receive this 'Wisdom Keeper' pouch with its five crystal hearts gift-wrapped free of charge.

Please note: if you would prefer a set of these hearts in a linen pouch instead, you can find them in the Collectable Crystals section

Crystals in this set ~

Promotes a sense of calm and inner equilibrium, bringing balance to body, mind and spirit. A grounding, protective stone. Eases worries and helps one to stay balanced and centred throughout the day. Native American shamans often carried Snowflake Obsidian as a powerful talisman to avert evil and bring good fortune, also considering it to be the guardian of the Great Spirit.

Stone of emotional stability, helping you to bounce back after a conflict or crisis. Promotes self-confidence, assists in creative pursuits. Rejuvenates and increases vitality. Removes negativity from its surroundings. Inspires positive and joyful outlook. Nurturing and unifying for all aspects of life.

Helps in removing barriers that prevent you from moving forward in life, and to discover your true purpose of being in the world. Brings joy and playfulness into one's life. The black spots in this stone are Black Tourmaline, which adds to this stone's protective qualities.

Encourages loving, non-judgemental mindset. Helps in gaining certainty about one's decisions and the right course of action. Bronzite is said to bring harmony into discordant situations, protective when the wearer might feel a lack of control. Instils a feeling of calmness when having "many irons in the fire". A stone of focused action. Grounds you into the knowing that “All Is Well".

A stone of laughter and happiness, offering support and encouragement, elevating one’s mood and promoting optimism. Uplifting stone that alleviates emotional pain and promotes self-acceptance. Useful for overcoming any kind of trauma, encouraging one to start over. Promotes inner stability.