Zoom Make Your Own Meditation Mala ~ 5 hr Live online class via Zoom, *Register Your Interest*
Zoom Make Your Own Meditation Mala ~ 5 hr Live online class via Zoom, *Register Your Interest*

Make Your Own Meditation Mala ~ 5 hr Live online class via Zoom, *Register Your Interest*


This workshop takes place on: TBA (no date currently set)

In this practical group workshop I will teach you to make a full 108-bead meditation mala for yourself in one of the ways that I create gemstone meditation mala beads. The structure follows that of the traditional Tibetan meditation malas, but the mala will be contemporary in style and materials, infused with your own personal touch.

We'll spend approx. 5 hrs together (with breaks!) although it is possible we may go over a little, as I hope we'll have time for you to also make a nice drawstring pouch for your mala for safekeeping.

The group size will be capped at 15 participants for this class.

You can join from anywhere in the world as long as the time suits you, depending on your own timezone. Due to the nature of the teaching, the group interactions and the length of the class, and to protect the privacy of all attendees, I will not record this class, so only purchase attendance if you are free to attend Live on the day. 

I can make a materials kit available separately (£55GBP) for this workshop but you can always source your own preferred materials as well. In this 9-minute video I show the materials that were included in the kit for the previous workshop on Oct 17th, and give info for those looking to bring their own materials.

Although this is a practical workshop to learn how to make a full meditation mala, there is an overarching holistic and energetic aspect to the way I create malas. This is specifically something I want to come across in this workshop, so I will be including certain meditative exercises while we're physically working with the materials. Throughout the making stages you'll be connecting with aspects of your own inner experience, and at the end we'll complete your energetic connection with your new mala by way of a crystal benediction. All in all, this workshop aims to not just teach you how to knot a mala, but to have a relaxing, centering effect on you - in essence, its an energy healing session through making a mala.


A stable internet connection is needed, preferably via computer or laptop rather than phone. You need a table to work on and generally a comfortable space and clothing to spend four hours in. I also recommend your device to be attached to a charger so that it won’t run out of power in the middle of our session.

After purchasing a session, I will use the email address from your order to register you for the Zoom session, and you will then receive the joining link via email. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

You are very welcome to source your own materials. Use the list below as a guide.

- Counter beads x108, choice of gemstones
- Divider crystals x3
- Small divider accent crystals x8
- Guru bead x1
- Small guru accent beads x4
- Thread for tassel, 12 metres (peace silk)
- Small crystals for tassel strands x6
- Micro-macrame cord x4
- Practice cords x3
- Metal clip
- Padding cork (optional)
- Pouch cork
- Tapestry needle
- Cotton cord x2
- Stopper bead
- Cotton wool

In addition, you will need to have these ready on the day of the workshop, as these cannot be sent by post either for safety or weight reasons:

- Cigarette lighter, electronic style is best
- Small plate or shallow bowl that can hold a bit of water
- Scissors

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