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This stunning curved specimen of Zincite has been in my personal collection since the 80s. It originates from an old stock of smelter specimens that formed in a Polish zinc refinery due to a construction fault. Nowadays bright coloured Zincite can be grown in laboratory. The tone of this one is dark brown but glowing in deep reddish orange and yellowish green when directed to the light. A very special crystal tool that is now ready to offer its gifts onwards.

Longest measurement: 7.5 cm (3")
Widest: 2 cm (0.8")
Weight: 145 carats

You'll receive this crystal treasure securely padded and wrapped to protect it on the postal journey. Gift-wrapped at no extra charge


Stone of breakthroughs, bringing together physical energy and creativity, with a strong sense of personal power ready to be utilised for achieving one’s life goals. Stimulates imagination. Perfect companion in the quest to manifest one’s desires. Highly charged innovation booster - excellent for creative artists of all disciplines. Helps in adjusting to changes in life, strengthening one’s courage and energy, increasing excitement in moving to new directions. Pulls higher dimensional energies all the way to the lower chakras, then moving the energy up through heart centre and linking again to the higher chakras.