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Speaking my mind...

Over the years I’ve been asked many times the common question of “Which crystal would help me with [insert any issue]?” Now, I could make things simple and reply “Abundance?...

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by Mia Illuzia

The natural beauty of crystals and their energetic resonance is the heartbeat of Spirit Carrier's collection. Slowly handcrafted with care and detail, these crystal amulets are energy tools for you to utilise in your daily life.

About the artist

Handmade one knot at a time

Crystal amulets cannot be rushed. To enhance the combined energy of the crystals in each piece, the structural strength and visual look need to be meticulously considered. >Read more

Lovely words from the crystal tribe

Oh my, the snakeskin agate amulet arrived today and is amazing! Such a wonderful vibe, I am wearing it now! As usual, even the gift wrapping is beautiful. I can't thank you enough!

Mary - USA

Oh my goodness. I received the package. Your work is amazing. I am floored by the level of detail and perfection of every part of it, even down to the bag, and wrapping. It is stunning and I'm blown away. Completely.

Emily - USA

Wow! Your beautiful pieces arrived yesterday, beyond beautiful! The amount of detail put into the total package is amazing! I didn't even want to open it up, not to disturb the beautiful wrapping! Such beauty and talent, all pieces made with such care, love and detail! You can feel it in the pieces...what wonderful talent! And attention to detail...thank you for your exquisite gift.💜✨

Dona - USA

I have brought a few pieces from Spirit Carrier, each piece is a joy to receive. From the beautiful packaging to the care and love put into each piece, be it a stone an amulet or a meditation mala. The experience of just opening the parcel to find the treasure inside is magical. Thank you for all your work and love.. your crystals are pure and a joy to receive. xxx

Claire - UK