Frequently asked questions

I love receiving messages from all of you. If you've sent me a direct query, I aim to reply to it  as soon as I'm back on my computer again. In the meanwhile, maybe you'll find your answer here:

Q. Can you give me a general idea about your prices?
A. You can read about the pricing on the Shop Update information page.

Q. Do you ship to the US?
A. Yes, I certainly do, about 80% of my customers are in the US. The shipping cost is determined by weight - around $15 for 1-3 crystal amulets and then incrementally up according to the shipping weight.

Q. Do you accept returns?
A. Yes of course. There's a specific procedure to follow - please read the returns policy page for more information.

Q. Do you take on custom work? Can I place an order?
A. I'm usually quite hesitant taking on any custom work because the very intuitive process I go through when working with crystals is not always compatible with custom wishes. With the making of each amulet, I proceed by 'listening' to the crystals. The crystals themselves often indicate to me which other crystals they'd prefer to be combined with and how they'd prefer to be made wearable. So the look and feel of an amulet evolves very organically during the making of process, and thus I have no way of guaranteeing that the final result would resonate with a specific person - I prefer to allow the crystal amulet to connect with their chosen keeper after the amulet is complete. However, in some cases a custom amulet might be possible, it depends on what the expectations and wishes are... Usually, it is my repeat customers who can persuade me to do custom pieces, simply for the reason that they're already familiar with "what they're getting" and comfortable to let the crystals lead the way so the amulet evolves to be the way it's meant to be.

Q. I saw a preview of a 'coming soon' crystal amulet on your Facebook page. Can I reserve it?

A. I'm afraid I cannot reserve items. I used to some years back, but it created much upset with others who had also seen a preview and were waiting for the same one to become available. So to save any heartache, I decided to stop reserving items. I hope you understand.

Q. I want to buy a crystal amulet from you, but the one I want in your shop is sold. Can you make another one?
A. Occasionally I can make something nearly similar, it very much depends on the stone in question. Some are so rare and unusual that they're quite simply unrepeatable. Sometimes I may I may have similar stones available, but even those sometimes request a different combination of highlighting crystals so it's impossible to promise for certain... Another same type of stone but with a different shape might require a different necklace pattern, etc. Some crystal bracelets and some crystal cairn necklaces, as well as some talismans for men are such that I might be able to create something close to similar, so it's worth contacting me to ask. (Also good to keep an eye on the upcoming previews of my new work, as something else might come up that resonates with you.)

Q. How will I know when new items are available to buy?
A. There's a newsletter sign-up field at the bottom of my website. If you add your email address to my mailing list, you'll receive an email notification at the time of new items becoming available. I'll never pass on your email address anywhere else, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Q. How strong is the cord you use for necklaces? Does it fray over time?
A. Micro-macrame cord tends to be very durable - it's of course never comparable to metals which last pretty much forever. A few people who have worn a necklace that I've made, continuously - day and night, literally never ever taking it off - the knotting may start to show some wear after about two years. On the other hand, if you take the necklace off when you sleep and don't wear it while showering / bathing, all should be fine. A quick rinse in cold water is okay, if you happen to spill something on your necklace, but getting the knotting wet too often is not recommended. I'm still wearing necklaces that I made myself eight years ago when I started, and they still look the same. The micro-macrame cord colours are UV proof so they don't fade in sunlight either.

Q. Is there a difference between an amulet and a talisman?
A. Historically speaking an amulet is for protection and a talisman something that is imbued with other powers as well. Nowadays, on the whole, both words are often used interchangeably. Whilst I would mostly prefer to talk about "talismans", I have come across a surprisingly large number of people who've never heard that word, but instantly understand if I say "amulet". Seems to me it's a lot better known word, so for the sake of clarity I often use the word 'amulet' with the meaning of 'talisman'. There's definitely an overlap of both definitions when talking about wearable crystals; as we know, the capabilities of crystals extend way beyond 'just' protection, and many wonderful crystals share protective qualities in addition to their own characteristic skills too.

Q. I'd like to stock your crystal necklaces in my retail store. Can I order wholesale?
A. Due to the very time-consuming nature of my work, I'm not able to make crystal necklaces "in bulk" and aim to keep the prices as affordable as I can to my direct customers. There's also the consideration of crystal energies - to maintain them in their pure, activated state after leaving my studio, it is important for me to offer an amulet directly from my hands to the hands of the amulet's new keeper. In the future I may find a way to address these issues and be able to sell crystal amulets wholesale, but for now these amulets are only available through my web store. However, should you be interested in the Crystal Art Prints, those are available for wholesale, just get in contact to enquire.

If you didn't find an answer above, I'm always happy to be contacted directly and aim to reply as soon as possible :)