The last shop update was on 2nd / 3rd August, 2017 (depending on timezone).

I aim to update the shop approximately every two weeks (excluding holiday periods). Very often the shop update falls on or near the weekend. When I'm working towards the next update, you will see place-holder images saying 'preview' while I'm in the process of filling in all the info details and photographs. This gives you a chance to see what's coming up each week.

All raw crystal amulets are one-of-a-kind and once sold, can rarely be made again. Crystal cairns occasionally can be made again, if only I have any close to similar stones available - it's worth asking. Each shop update includes a limited number of amulets, usually around 8-12. The prices are shown in British pounds by default, but you can also choose to see US dollars by clicking the link on top left of the page. The price range varies widely: around £60-150 for crystal macrame necklaces, £80-£190 for rarer stones in either organic linen or eco silk braid and £100-£300+ for meditation malas. Crystal energy bracelets usually are in the range of £45-90 but occasionally with rarer stones can be up to £130. I don't often make earrings, but in the past those have been in the range of £50-80. All prices are calculated individually for each amulet, depending on the value and rarity of crystals used and the complexity of the final piece.

Due to my intuitive working process, I don't take on custom work as such. Because I need to consider and balance each crystal's energy in relation to how it's combined in an amulet, the final result can be very different to what the expectation might have been, so therefore it's best if I work free from anyone's expectations. I prefer to trust the crystals themselves to lead my work process, and they always offer delightful surprises! What is possible, however, if you have seen a certain crystal energy combination in the shop and would like to have something similar, or if you have a general wish about a type of crystal you'd like to wear, and are prepared to allow the crystals to combine themselves with some freedom, then I'm happy to discuss what might be possible, or let you know when something is coming up that might be a match to you request. It's worth getting in contact with me.

And as always, your thoughts, questions and comments are welcome, even if you just want to say hello!

Crystal Blessings,