I can not begin to tell you what an amazing feeling it was to receive your extraordinary, wondrous, beautiful piece of [he]art! The care and love you put into it and the packaging, are so tangible, I felt so close to you and the love you have for your Art and Humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you so, so much for creating this pure crystal goodness of art. 

This is a very meaningful purchase to me as I’ve been pining after a beautiful mala of yours for a long time, partly because I’ve been wanting to get one because of its history as a Chinese court necklace, and as someone of Chinese origin but born in Europe it feels like such an interesting way to honor my roots. 

I'd been eyeing up various Spirit Carrier creations just before they became available for some time, but alas someone had always got there before me. So, I was really excited to purchase and receive my mala, which Mia had taken so much care to wrap up beautifully. The stones in my lava and fire agate mala are not only lovely to look at and hold, but feel magical and energetically powerful. In fact, I feel quite empowered when holding or wearing them. Because the Mala is so perfect for me, it feels as if it had been made for me!

The mala was even more beautiful than I imagined, and it was shipped very, very quickly :) Thank you so much!
Mia - the necklace is beautiful , the stones are perfect choices and your descriptions comforting and life -affirming. It was an early birthday gift to myself. I can tell it was made with great care. Thank you!
Leslie Cochran
nI've never seen anything like this, unique, unusual, casual,
namazing, outstanding work of art ! Packaging was... just...
nbeyond words... I'm SO impressed, I will definitely shop again ! Thank you so much Mia, you are so talented !
an amazingly beautiful crystal, feels so good to wear, too. i admire and appreciate the talent, care and love that is always apparent in your work, mia. thank you so much for that...
What a magnificent crystal, love at first sight! a companion for life... i truly cherish your work and love for detail. beautiful, beautiful packaging, surpassed all my expectations. and an eye to look after me. thank you so much.
This case arrived earlier this week, and I'm head over heels crazy about it! The workmanship is stunning and the style is so me. It's a piece I know I'll cherish the rest of my life!
I am absolutely enchanted with my talisman. I love it so very much and truly grateful to receive this amazing piece. The packing is beautiful and shipping over the ocean was remarkably fast :) My second sacred offering from Mia and I cannot wait to order my third... and fourth... and fifth... ;) I'm in awe of everything she creates <3 Thank you so very much!
For being so aptly called "Way Home", this piece has definitely found its way home!! I now know what people mean when they say that the crystals choose the person. I always thought I was missing something when it came to picking stones. This beautiful necklace seemed to call out to me and will surely be forever close to me. Thanks so much Mia for "bringing us together."
n(I will have to keep peeking in to see a bracelet calling out next.)
I was concerned that the delivery time would take a long time between the UK and US. I got a note from Mia assuring I would receive it quickly and I did. When the package came I was not expecting for it to be so beautifully wrapped. Then the necklace was even more beautiful than the photo. I have seen many, many crystal jewelry pieces. The fine craft and thoughtful design is unmatched. I couldn't be happier.
Stunningly handcrafted! Amazing detail. Although I bought it as a home for my iPad, she is far too beautiful for that and will be treasured <3 thank you Mia :)
Just beautiful, a lot of work and love go into your pieces. As always the packaging is really nice too, and quick shipping. Will be back in the future. <3
If anyone has been looking at the malas in this shop and are hesitant because of the pricing, don't be. I just got my mala today and it is more than worth the price. The feeling I get from this mala is absolutely amazing. Mia is very professional, which is something I really appreciate. My package arrived rather quickly, considering that it came from across the pond. I am, without a doubt, extremely happy with my purchase.
Magical necklace. Everything it says and more. Stunningly beautiful. Mahalo nui loa.

I am beyond delighted! The necklace and crystal are a true treasure. So much love, energy and magic coming from and surrounding it..is a dream to wear. Am so excited to have finally gotten a piece from Mia after daydreaming over her creations for months. This one is perfect for me,..like it was made just for me. Mia is a lovely, kind soul..wonderful to work with and so very giving. And so very talented! I will return again and again <3