10th Anniversary Give-Away!

To celebrate Spirit Carrier's 10th anniversary this week, I'm offering this gratitude Give-Away jointly on Facebook / Instagram to all you lovely souls in Spirit Carrier's crystal tribe. Whether you already are a keeper of a Spirit Carrier amulet (or several, as is the case with many of you!) or just enjoy following Spirit Carrier on social media, you are welcome to take part. This crystal healing amulet with the combined energy of Aquamarine & Citrine is eagerly waiting for its new keeper ♡

Go to either >this post on Facebook or, >this post on Instagram.
Then simply leave a short comment below that post answering this question:
“If you were to spend a day as a crystal, which crystal would you choose to be?”

I will then *reply* to your comment letting you know your own unique entry number for the draw. The number I assign you enters you into the Give-Away (please allow for our time-zone differences, there may be a delay in me replying to your comment and assigning you the number). Also, only leave one comment, as I will only assign one entry number to each person entering. If I accidentally assign more than one number to separate comments by the same person, I will include only one of those numbers in the final draw.

You can enter until the END of Saturday 19th September (BST timezone). I will announce the winner on Spirit Carrier’s Facebook / Instagram page the following day, on Sunday the 20th. (Please note: there will be ONE WINNER, whether the entry has been submitted via Facebook or Instagram.)

If you are not yet familiar with Spirit Carrier’s crystal healing amulets, take a little peek in the >Crystal Amulets section here.

Important: If your entry number wins on September 20th, please contact me either via private message or via this website’s contact form to let me know where to send your prize. If I don't hear back from you within 3 days of the draw, I’ll select a new winning number and re-allocate the amulet to a new winner.