One-of-a-kind pendulums


Some while back when I couldn’t find a mass produced pendulum that I resonated with, yet needed one for the diploma course in crystal healing that I was doing at the time, I ended up making one for myself. I’ve always been obsessed about my tools, and spent years collecting my earlier bookbinding equipment from all over the world. It seemed that the stories attached always give much life and personal connection to certain tools.

Since I have a personal aversion to mixing man-made metal fittings with natural crystals (and therefore make 95% of my jewellery without any metals) I really didn’t like the idea of having a crystal pendulum with a cheap zinc alloy chain, nor any factory-made silver chain either. But… copper is different. It has a wonderful vibe and very often indeed forms a harmonious balance with natural crystal energy. It was obvious that this would be my way forward.

Because I’ve so treasured my purposefully created Quartz point pendulum ever since, I suddenly realised maybe there would be a few others out there who are just as obsessive about their tools. And after some refinement to my original one, I’m so happy to be offering these three individuals to go and work with some very special alternative therapists.

These will be available in my online store in the beginning of February 2014. Also small bespoke leather pouches are available separately, for storing and carrying the pendulum when not in use.