Fabric coloured by patience


I have a hobby outside of my crystal work. Having had the good chance of attending one of the workshops run by textile artist India Flint couple of years ago, I never quite shook off the dyeing bug since. Thus I repeatedly collect more plants and leaves to be rolled into natural fabrics, trying to have patience not to open the boiled bundles too early in order to give the plant colour chance to bond with the fabric. My lack of patience with this process has caused me to open too many bundles way too soon. But now, there’s suddenly a great solution to my dilemma. Provided by India Flint in her new book: 

So, recently I’ve been filling jars after jars with bundles of cloth, sinking them into various plant dye baths, and for some reason have no difficulty leaving these be for as long as needed. They make such beautiful, translucent objects in themselves, sitting on the shelf, adding yet more colour into my art studio. This time my patience is quite content, and I’m sure I’ll be opening wonderful colours from these jars in a few months’ time…