Another pair of hands

In the beginning of the year I was working through the nights and increasingly wishing I could clone myself. So I sent out a call for help, to find another pair of skilful hands with a matching vision, so that Spirit Carrier could be of better service to the growing crystal tribe out there.

As serendipity would have it, someone I already knew, stepped forward. Like myself, Mira is also from Finland, and we share a background in the book arts. She's a fully fledged artist in her own right; a printmaker and a bookbinder, with an MA in Textile Design. The above image is one of her art works, an etching titled "Kulkue" (engl. "Procession"), which is now adorning the Spirit Carrier studio.

Mira has made fabulous progress in learning all the intricacies of my crystal cave. Meticulously she has charted knots and crystals, cords and styles, processes and techniques, braiding, sorting and learning. This has eased much of the earlier pressure in my various studio routines.

And because of her extensive experience and dedication, she has quickly progressed on to some beautiful crystal cairn amulets and bracelets.

So, there will be much crystal goodness in store from Spirit Carrier now with this teamwork, including a new range of 'Wisdom Keeper' pouches that we're working on with Mira. You'll be seeing more of our creations in the near future!