Give-Away to celebrate new website! (now closed)

(The Give-Away is now CLOSED. Winning numbers will be announced on Saturday the 20th June)

I'm over the moon excited about Spirit Carrier's new website. My web wizard husband has been working around the clock on this project, attending to every possible detail so that you'd enjoy looking around here and would have an enjoyable process if you decide to invite one of the crystal spirits here into your life.

And to celebrate this huge project finally wrapping up, I've decided to soon give away *THESE* crystal goodies - so there will be two lucky winners, one receiving the necklace, one receiving the pouch with Tiger Eye & Smokey Quartz. Let me tell you a little about these treasures...

The crystal amulet in black & white is one of a pair (quite unusual for me to make two similar ones! The other one has just recently sold in the Spirit Carrier shop). The crystals included are a rough white Quartz point, Lava Stone and a tumbled pebble of Lodolite (also known as Shaman Dream Stone Quartz). It's a relatively small amulet with adjustable length necklace cord and would be perfect also with a business outfit, if you'd like some crystal energy support in your work place for example. The other offering is a soft fabric pouch with wooden bead details. It comes with a Tiger Eye and a Smokey Quartz, both rough natural pieces - a great pair to meditate with for example, holding one crystal in one hand, the other in the other hand. The soft grey draw-string pouch has an inner lining of golden hue fabric and is big enough so you could also use it to carry more of your crystal treasures.

This Give-Away can be found on Spirit Carrier Facebook page, for the reason that I'll be able to assign a unique number to each entry and then in the end use a random number generator to find out the winner. I have always preferred to write each entrant's name onto a piece of paper and use the traditional hat (or a crystal bowl!) to pick the winners. But I know now from an earlier Give-Away that writing 200-300 names and cutting them out of the paper and folding them into the crystal bowl... well, it took forever! And I get too little sleep as it is... So we'll do it this way. If you're not on Facebook but would still like to enter, let me know and I'll think of a solution!

Simply leave a short comment in the specific Give-Away post on Facebook so I know you'd like to be included in the draw. No need for words even, just a little smiley will let me know you wouldn't mind winning one of these! Your comment is needed so that I can then reply to it with a *number* (which will enter you into the Give-Away). Starting now, until Friday the 19th June (midnight GMT time). I will announce the two winners on Saturday the 20th June.

Important: If your number wins, please contact me via the message button on Spirit Carrier Facebook page (or via my website) to let me know where to send your prize. If I don't hear back from you by Wednesday the 24th, a new winning number will be selected and your prize will be re-allocated.

Thank you for taking part!