Ah, those special Citrines...

A long while back I met a geologist from whom I got to hand-pick some of the most amazing honey hue Citrines I've ever come across. All natural, untreated, unheated lightbrary crystals from Congo, also sometimes called 'kundalini' crystals. Each has been such an individual that all of the amulets I've made with them have been quite different from each other, some in silk braid, some in macrame knotting, some in malas... The Citrines have brought such spirited joy into my studio that now when I only have three more left of this grouping, I'm already beginning to feel a slight longing for them... because very soon, when I make the three remaining ones wearable and they eventually find their new keepers - well, then my precious "Citrine phase" comes to conclusion. I'm already wanting to collect some of those images here - these ones here in silk braids. There are a few more to be dug out of my digital archives too. But for now, a quick look back at those special Citrine treasures that have gone on to their chosen keepers around the world. 

Ah, those special Citrines...


Karen (Artifacts et Cetera) says:

I adore citrine… and these are absolutely stunning! You’ve really helped these crystals sing! <3

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