Exploring Amethyst

Needless to say, over the years I've worked a lot with the energy of Amethyst. Often with raw, natural clusters, points and geodes, but also with polished spheres. Meditating with Amethyst is always a joy, I'm particularly drawn to elestial Amethysts. I've also been treasuring a collection of such spheres for nearly a decade, and only occasionally made amulets with them. Maybe I'm trying to make them last, since I seem to have a nostalgic connection to them - I sourced them while we lived in the Middle East, and these small spheres have such beautiful deep purple tone, some include chevron patterns and they're just lovely.

A while back I decided to work with them some more, hoping to focus with a slightly more extended time to perhaps create a bit of a "series" around the spheres. But as each one again - although similar in look - is such an individual, they all end up very different indeed! No crystal ever is about just one energetic property, like people, there are many aspects to their capabilities. So with this series I'm exploring the energy of Amethyst by finding out which aspects of the Amethyst oversoul come forth with different select combinations of other crystals. It's all very fascinating.

I hope to have the first group to release shortly, and the second group in a few weeks perhaps. Many of these will be in the more affordable price range which I'm happy about, although there will be a few quirky amulets where a specific Amethyst sphere gravitate towards some rarer crystals (such as Charoite) or precious stones (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby) so each will be still priced individually.