End of Summer Give-Away

Earlier today, after quite a peculiar dream at night, I felt there'd be someone out there who could really be cheered up by winning a Give-Away. Or perhaps I was in need of some cheering up. Either way, spreading some more crystal goodness out into the world is always good, so I set to work to see which crystals would like to come together for this gift... They ended up being Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Ruby. I always believe that crystals choose their keepers, so I will offer this crystal amulet out there to find its new keeper via a Give-Away. It will be published on Spirit Carrier Facebook page - all you need to do is to leave a short comment, even a little smiley will do, in the post where the above photo appears. That way I can assign you a unique number for the draw by replying to your comment. (If you're not on Facebook and would like to take part, just send me a message and I will assign you a number too.) I'll draw the winner with an online random number generator from all the entrant numbers on Thursday the 27th August, at midnight GMT (London) time. So just a quick four day Give-Away to get this crystal amulet to quickly find its new keeper!

EDIT: This has now closed and the winner has been notified.

And while I'm at it, I'll just let you know of another Give-Away coming up, something that's been in my mind all summer. There's a huge bunch of you good crystal folks who have signed up to receive my email newsletter. I wanted to thank you all specifically for being with me on this crystal journey, so what I'll do for the last four months of this year, I'll draw one name from among all of the subscribers each month and will send one of these to the winner of each month (September: Golden Optical Calcite, October: Amethyst tower, November: Quartz with Black Tourmaline, December: six double-terminated Sichuan Quartz crystals). So there will be altogether four draws. I'll announce the winner in the first newsletter of each month. There's nothing you need to do to take part, you'll be automatically entered as a subscriber to the Spirit Carrier newsletter!
(And if you're not yet on the mailing list, you're very welcome to join, and thus be entered in the draw too. Just scroll down the homepage, enter your email address and click SUBSCRIBE.)