The origin of that colour

Ever since I first saw one, the beauty grabbed me. I'm not usually drawn by the pretty colours of Aqua Aura Quartz for example and with any crystal, colour or not, prefer to tune in to the stone's essence itself rather than its physical appearance. (Why else would I have accumulated a vast collection of elestials, they're certainly not 'pretty' as such!) I'm also always vary of any treated stones and whether the iridescence in Pyrite Suns is created by the natural heat in their original environment or by artificially heating them to create the patina, it's not easy to distinguish. Yet... for an empath, whatever you tune in, you either pick up a resonant vibe or there isn't one. There are also many synthetic stones on the market these days and I've developed quite a skill in not only recognising their visual characteristics, but also 'feeling' them out. And testing with various methods later has confirmed my initial feeling over and over again. I don't dismiss my intuitions any longer. The world worked for years trying to make me do that but no amount of ridicule will manage to turn me away from my inner guidance any longer. The stones that I pick from amongst several, they're the ones that speak to me in an energetic sense, the ones that feel 'alive'. With iridescent Pyrite Suns, my search has been long and arduous, but the ones I now have in my collection, they have a 'feel' to them that's genuine. The environment affects them continuously too, something I've noticed with the flash of Labradorite and Spectrolite as well, also Flint. It's endlessly fascinating to see a stone 'live' like this, evolving in colour and pattern. These are a constant artistic inspiration to me, their colours and textures tell me their stories, sparking ever growing new creative paths to explore.