Off to new adventures

It is unreal how quickly time can whizz by. It was literally just "yesterday" when my studio assistant Mira started her six month contract - yet suddenly it was time to say goodbye. How did that happen? Where did six months disappear? Well, it was certainly very productive time and it allowed me quite a few more sleeping hours as I didn't have to stay up through the night completing tasks that I was able to delegate to her during day. I've yet to figure out how to carry on without her help... While pondering this problem, I want to show you a few glimpses into Mira's delightful sketchbook pages. Myself, I only ever sketch "in my mind & heart" but her proper pen-on-paper musings are so very lovely that I wish I'd have this kind of record to flick through as well. These are only a few of Mira's sketches, but I can tell you, the whole book is quite a treasure! It sure was wonderful to have her help in the studio, and I wish Mira the best of success wherever her path leads her next.