Promise for the new year

For a long while I've had a thought at the back of my mind that I need to find time to play with some new ideas. Specifically, that I wanted to develop a lovely way to carry those crystals that one might want to stay loose - sometimes to be worn but perhaps other times being part of a crystal grid or a healing set up or similar... I kept being busy with other things but the inner nudging just got stronger and stronger. My creative muse kept whispering, "Crystal pods, knot some crystal pods..." And eventually I had to find the time, clearly the vision wouldn't leave me alone otherwise.

I'm not one to follow patterns or repeat anything that's already in existence. When I published the image of the first completed crystal pod, I received many messages asking where I had got the pattern from and is there a tutorial somewhere. Well, no. Because the joy in creative work for me is in developing something original from nothing, by relying on the structural and technical skills I've accumulated over the years, combined with intuition and a willingness to explore new ways of doing things. I'm sure those crafters who are inspired by this crystal pod idea, will be able to rely on their own skills to develop their personal version without the need to copy any specific pattern.

First I hoped that maybe I could find a way of creating simpler versions of these, that wouldn't take so much time, to be able to offer them perhaps more than a few at a time. But that's exactly it - that's not what fires up my creative muse. At all. My muse goes into a right humph if she needs to repeat something many times, almost like a factory line... Nope, not happening. To stay true to the essence of my creative path, to keep the uniqueness and freshness alive in whatever I make, each will have to be unique in its own way. I will allow the lace-like meandering of the knots lead the way, at each intersection I will assess which crystal might want to be included, or not. I will revel in discovering new ways of connecting, structuring, finishing... It is about being present and focusing on the exact moment, each knot, one at a time. Therefore, one of my promises for the new year is that I allow myself to stay true to my ways of working that lead to the best results and keep the spirit alive in whatever I do. To enjoy the exploration. For me it's not following already treaded paths but to forge new ones for the sake of infusing each piece with such a resonant energy without which I might just as well not make anything at all.

I will keep making these crystal pods when the inspiration strikes me... But these are also one of the few pieces that I do offer to make as custom pieces. Only you'll need to be open to having something unique made, in the spirit of these, but with a slight differences to keep each new one fresh and to make it its own individual. You can of course choose the cord colour you'd like for your very own crystal pod! Feel free to get in touch, if this is something that interests you.