A possible learning opportunity

You may know that between 1998-2012 I used to teach a lot of book art & creativity workshops that were attended by a wide variety of people, from professional artists to those who had never made anything creative with their hands before.

While focusing on Spirit Carrier, there just hasn’t been enough time to include teaching in my schedule as well. Last year I slowly began to entertain the idea of sharing my skills in a workshop setting once again. This time, instead of gathering interested people in a physical location, my aim is to find a way to hold group sessions online - which suddenly seems to fit the current world situation.

If enough people express their interest, I will see how this could work best. So just an initial enquiry about what might interest you…

Please choose below one or more course options that you’d like to attend:

Course options that require a few inexpensive tools:
1A - Making Spirit Carrier style fabric drawstring pouches for small treasures
1B - Making Spirit Carrier style leather/vegan leather drawstring pouches for small treasures (differs in process from the fabric pouches)

Courses that require a few specific materials:
2A - Knotting your own 108-bead meditation mala
2B -Knotting your own 55-bead manifestation mala

Course that is mainly exercise-based, no specialist tools required:
3 - "Igniting Your Creative Flow"

If you'd be interested in attending any of the above -or perhaps would like to learn something that's not included in my initial list- either reply to this blog post or send me your choice(s) via the CONTACT form on this website. If there is enough interest, I'll go ahead and find a way to make it happen.