Another Celebration Give-Away!

This wonderful Give-Away is especially for all Spirit Carrier newsletter subscribers!
To celebrate Spirit Carrier’s 10th anniversary ~ a special gift draw for all those of you who are subscribers to my email newsletter ♡ Thank you for keeping an eye on what’s new at Spirit Carrier at every update!

Look out for the next email newsletter that will arrive in your inbox on Saturday the 19th. If you reply to that newsletter email with “I’m in!” within 3 days, I’ll include your name in this special anniversary draw: the WINNER will get to choose ***any available*** crystal treasure from Spirit Carrier website. That means any one (1) listing that is available at the time of choosing, whether you’d want a crystal amulet, a meditation mala, a collector crystal - it’s your FREE pick…

If you’re not yet a subscriber but would like to be, please visit Spirit Carrier homepage and scroll down the page to enter your email before Saturday.

If you'd rather not become a subscriber but would like to take part in another current Give-Away that’s open to everyone, you can enter on >this Facebook page.

(And you can of course take part in both, too!)