Crystal Caves oracle cards

To receive the digital 65+ page guidebook for this oracle card deck, send me a message stating either your order number, or the name that placed the order. I will then email you an online link where you can download the file (PDF file size 47MB).

This has been another labour of love for me, and now hoping to share the energy with you all. Spirit Carrier's very own limited edition oracle deck, a tiny treasure in travel size, so easy to take along and handle. But what are these Crystal Caves?

I wanted to create an inspirational tool for self-reflection and change of focus for those times when deeper insight is needed. A tool which could be understood without much study, which would connect with your own life experience instantly and connect specifically with those parts of your mind that are sometimes difficult to access, but where the elusive answers most often reside.

In the making of these cards I've drawn from my training as a hypnotherapist and changeworker, my studies into the workings of the imagination and neuroplasticity. The imagery incorporates colours and tones, spaces and shapes as well as directional movement of lines and details. Involving one's imagination to 'enter' these caves, each card can act as a visual cue for a meditation within that space.

Your connection with the cards thrives on questions - pick one, and immerse yourself in the space of your chosen cave... Explore with various questions:

1) Do you perceive yourself being inside this cave, or just about to enter it, or on your way out? Do you prefer to stay still inside this cave or move around it?
2) If you were to move through the cave, how would you do it and at what speed? Would you run, skip or wander slowly?
3) Do you feel comfortable in this particular cave? Or prefer to move into another one?
4) How familiar does this cave feel to you? Could you feel at home here?
5) Which cave do you intuit might be the next one along? Which one would you want it to be?
6) What gift does this cave have for you? What would you leave in this cave when you leave?

There are so many questions and your answers can be found within. Combine each card with a real crystal from your own collection. Intuit the pairings, which one is calling which? Is the card choosing the crystal, or the crystal gravitating towards a card? Let each card inspire a crystal to be paired for meditation.

As an oracle, your mind can create links with your issue of enquiry and associate it with a Cave of your random draw. Going into your inner awareness, something within you knows how your question would benefit from that certain Cave in the card you pulled from the deck... Have a go, let the cave spaces elicit insights about your enquiries and allow them to transform inside these caves.

Vibe with the colours too, breathe them in, and the light too - notice how the light within you grows stronger as you do. Pull a daily card to guide you, or choose a card with intention to manifest that energy in a focused way.

Create your personal ways of working with this deck. I'd love to hear about what unique ways you come up with: tag #spiritcarrier on Instagram to tell me!

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