Crystals for the love of learning

Sometimes the word 'learning' is associated with something you just have to do, a chore like studying when you'd rather be doing something else. But if you have grown up with a love of learning, you know well how uplifting the thirst for knowing more is and you enjoy acquiring new skills. It is the process of learning in itself that motivates you. My own love of learning and constant curiosity about life and the human mind has always been one of my main driving forces, but this year it has activated particularly strongly. My eagerness of knowing more about everything that has ever interested me now surpasses the amount of hours I have available!

If you want to ignite your love of learning, or add some ease to the learning and studying you need to do, you can certainly enlist the help of your crystals. All crystals have several skills, so it isn't just a specific few geared for helping with learning-related issues, many can be combined for creating a unique mix that achieves the goal even faster. Always go within yourself to feel whether you are more drawn toward one crystal than another. One crystal might ignite the love of learning in someone else, but your own specific energy pattern might feel more supported by a different crystal. To give you a few pointers to ponder and check against your inner feels, perhaps consider these:

Natural Aquamarine that leans towards yellowy green (yellow for willpower and optimism, green for renewal and growth) could be a great option for learning and studying as Aquamarine is also associated with communication. If you have to write essays, reports or attend exams, Aquamarine could be your crystal friend. Other crystals in similar colour tones such as Prehnite or Jade could also offer their support for educational endeavours. Or perhaps you feel the need to develop focus and logic. Sodalite is associated with supporting desired improvements, helping you to take the required actions towards your goals. Fluorite is considered to stimulate the brain and to enhance memory. And if you want to approach your learning process from a higher perspective, perhaps try Amethyst. It might even help you in dispelling some procrastination patterns. 

As in everything, I prefer to maximise the support for my learning efforts from all possible directions. I'd make an amulet with 3-4 different crystals that each support a different aspect of learning. Combining crystal energies that harmonise for a joint goal will still always keep the crystals' other skills available too. Prehnite's heart-centred vibe, Sodalite's calming abilities, Aquamarine's support for courage and self-expression - all these can come in helpful for other life situations too, not just learning. Depending on a personal need, a slightly different balance of energies from any crystal combination would activate for one person as opposed to another, a balance perfectly suited to the one wearing the amulet.

Of course, you might not be preparing for any exams or studying for a new profession at the moment. If your desired learning goals are more about life skills, how to navigate the world with employing your personal strengths and learning to be firmly rooted in your own authenticity, choose Elestial Quartz, Fenster Quartz, or any other raw Quartz individual that includes something in its look & feel that gives you an indefinable sense that "it knows something you don't yet know". Make that crystal your companion, whether in meditation or simply carrying it with you (or place it under your pillow at night) and soon you will find you are wonderfully supported on an inspiring learning journey towards personal fulfilment.

{If you have a personal need, a particular purpose you'd like crystal support in the form of a wearable amulet necklace, you can contact me to find out if something suitable is on the way in the Spirit Carrier studio.}